Hints & Tips

Restaurants offering free kids meals

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as a free meal when on holiday in Florida. Restaurants offering free kids meals are keen to drive families to venues and offer free [...]

Disney Ticket Validity Check

Many guests who have visited Disney in the past have purchased ‘non-expiration’ tickets and may not necessarily keep a track of the number of days used. It is [...]

Travel with Children

Florida is the worlds top destination for families so it goes without saying flights are always full of excitable little ones. Many parents quiver with dread at the thought [...]

Rides and Queuing

Queuing is part of theme park visits but they need not be as long as many expect. All parks and rides have peaks and troughs of traffic throughout the day and indeed year. [...]

Eating out in Florida

Eating out in Florida is both value for money and varied in the choice of outlets ranging from fast food through to pancakes and specialist eateries. Both buffet and waiter [...]