Walt Disney World

Disney Ticket Validity Check

Many guests who have visited Disney in the past have purchased ‘non-expiration’ tickets and may not necessarily keep a track of the number of days used. It is [...]

Disney Rider Switch

So what do you do if you wish to enjoy a ride but are with others who dont meet the minimum height? Simple – use the Disney rider switch system employed at the parks. Its a [...]

EPCOT Fastpass rides

EPCOT Fastpass rides Disney operate a tiered structure at Epcot to restrict the pre-reservation of the most popular attractions. Guests can choose one ride from tier 1 and [...]

Disneys Magic Kingdom Fastpass rides

Fastpass+ – rides to do The below list are separated into three categories to demonstrate the popularity of the rides at Disneys Magic Kingdom Fatspass rides. Band A [...]

Disney Fastpass

Whats it all about? Disney Fastpass + is a great tool allowing guests to pre book certain rides up to 60 days in advance (on site guests) or 30 days (off site guests). Both [...]

Disney Ride Restrictions

Disney ride restrictions are usually by height of the guest and the below includes information on the current restrictions. THEME PARK ATTRACTION RESTRICTION Animal Kingdom [...]

Disney’s Memory Maker

Disney’s Memory Maker offer guests a fantastic opportunity to retain all pictures taken by cast members or on rides when at the parks through one package. By linking to [...]
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