Choosing your Orlando Accommodation

Orlando accommodation guide

The sheer number of accommodation make this very much a buyers market so be sure to thoroughly search for the best price. Utilise to obtain reviews.

Subscribe to newsletters to receive offers and promotional codes. These tend to be sent usually in off peak periods to generate sales so expect the best offers around January to March and November to December. The source for booking hotel accommodations can be diverse and all should be considered to include hotel direct, travel agents, hotel booking websites and deal offer websites.

Most hotel chains offer to price match so, for peace of mind, consider asking the hotel to meet the best prices you can find. Alternately, some very big online travel operators such as Expedia offer prices they simply cannot match. The hotels have different pricing for varying channels and often the agent channel will be heavily discounted which they simply cannot match.

renting a private home or condominium (condo) is exceptionally popular and can be very cheap. Most tour companies only offer allocation of a home upon arrival in resort – this basically means you are booking without knowing the exact home. Many people prefer to have prior knowledge of the accommodation they will be staying in so this can be risky.

For those who would like to book a specific home and deal direct with the owner, the web offers a number of reputable websites such as and Peak season reservations can be as much as double the off peak price so choose carefully – location can also have a very definite impact on the price so throughly research. Locations along the US 27 in the Davenport area tend to be less costly because of the journey time to Disney. Staying is this area should certainly not be discarded as there are some very modern communities available at excellent prices.

When staying in a private home you will not receive any housekeeping so you will need to stock up on essentials such as toiletries and cleaning products. The Dollar Tree stock a wide range of such products at unbeatable prices with many cheaper than the supermarket. If your home permits BBQ’s – which is advisable to check as many do not – this is a great place to pick up supplies.

Car rental is a must when staying in a holiday home as public transport is not very good to these communities.

Location is key to the decision on the hotel accommodation. Kissimmee is generally cheaper and is located within 15 mins of Disney with good public transport links. Lake Buena Vista is on the doorstep of Disney and slightly more expensive. International Drive has excellent transport links with the I Ride Trolley and the Lynx public transport and has all you can need, most within walking distance.

If choosing a hotel look out for those offering extras such as free breakfasts or free evening receptions. The reception offering can include hot items and free local alcoholic drinks.

Check out hotel transport as some will offer free transport to the parks. Save on car rental by using this great FREE service.

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