Disney Ticket Validity Check

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Many guests who have visited Disney in the past have purchased ‘non-expiration’ tickets and may not necessarily keep a track of the number of days used. It is possible to use a Disney ticket validity check service to ensure new passes are not purchased necessarily. This can be done either prior to arrival at Walt Disney World or in person at the part.

Prior to arrival

Scan or take a photograph of the front and rear of the ticket with the barcode clearly visable together with a copy of a form of government issued ID and your full name and email this to ticket.usage@disneyworld.com. A contact telephone number should also be included and ensure the attachments are under 2MB as emails over this are not deliverable to Disney. If they are over this size, simply zip the file and email.

Guests can expect to receive either a call or email usually within 14 days.

At the parks

Passes can be taken to the ticket window at any park, guest services desk or a concierge desk at any Disney hotel. ID will be requested before they check the validity. The passes will be upgraded to the new RFID ready plastic tickets and you can then link to the MDE app.


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