Driving in Orlando

driving in and around orlando

Most visitors to Florida choose to rent a car for the duration of the stay primarily due to the vastness of the state. It is difficult to appreciate until you visit that a car is required even for a short trip to the local shop. Most car rental packages include the basic insurance to cover all eventualities when driving with upgraded options adding extra drivers over 25 years of age and a tank of fuel. Driving in Orlando is certainly an enjoyable experience which is very easy for overseas visitors.

The rental company will attempt to upgrade your booking when you arrive to collect the car. This is a common sales tactic which you should always refuse. Different companies employ different tactics but these can include claiming the vehicle is not big enough for your party, they will do a good deal for you to go to the next group or they will price the upgrade per day – which always sounds attractive. The rates they offer will be the normal desk rates so are CONSIDERABLY higher than web and direct sell rates.

As mentioned earlier, attempt to take your own child seat to savve the extortiante rental rates of $70 per week.

Sat nav can be an expensive additional extra which many visitors feel are a necessity. They certainly do ease navigation around Florida but there are cheapr alternatives. Regular visitors to Florida should consider purchasing a Sat Nav with US map loaded whch can be picked up for around £150.

Don’t ignore the trusty mobile phone apps as a potential sat nav solution. Our o]favourite is OsMand (http://osmand.net) as the maps are downloaded to your handset so you have no roaming charges to worry about. This is available for all platforms and is as efficient in navigating around as any Sat nav.

If no Sat Nav is chosen, download and print off maps prior to travel. Central Florida is very very well signposted but the backup of maps should always be taken.

Central Florida have many toll roads using the SunPass system. Activiating the reader locally already installed in car rentals will be charged to the credit card held on file. Look at pre ordering the SunPass before your travel.

When sourcing car rental, brokers are very competitive and usually offer lower prices than direct rental

When collecting the car, the rental desk will request a credit card and pre authorise a total usually around $300 for security. This amount will not be accessible so take this into cosideration when selecting the card for security purposes.

When booking the car, check car rental incentives as some providers run periodical promotional incentives such as Budget who tend to offer a free spouse on the basic package.

When dropping the rental car off, take pictures of the petrol guage incase they attempt to charge your credit card.

Keep the car cool with some cheap windscreen protectors from Wal Mart – they will be much appreciated after a day in the parks.

Do not park your car left wheel to kerb as it is strictly prohibited.

Reversing into parking bays is also frowned upon as the registration plates are at the rear of the car.

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