Getting to the theme parks

Getting to and around Disney

Parks – getting there and getting around
Getting to the parks can be the first real choice made in resort. The options are usually drive, taxi or use a bus shuttle. Parking is generally priced at around $15 per day with free parking from late afternoon, ideal for those hopping between parks and spending a few hours in each. Once the car parking is paid, this is valid for the entire day so guests are free to leave and return later in the same day.

Many hotels offer bus shuttles to the parks with some free of charge. Other will make a charge of a few dollars so it can be a saving on daily car parking if choosing to visit a single park per day. The free shuttles are a great saving and are very popular so booking at the reception is required.

Once at Disney, use free transportation system to get around the various parks. This includes the Monorail, Riverboat and buses. Keep your camera out especially when on the Monorail and Riverboat as there are some great sites to be seen.

When arriving at Universal Studios all the car parks always take the left hand lane. As the lanes merge, move over to the left again as this lane always moves quicker.

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