Orlando Theme Park Tickets

Orlando Park tickets

Orlando is the capital of theme parks with three main attractions (Disney, Universal and Seaworld) encompassing numerous parks within and a multitude or ticket options available. Disney has Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, EPCOT and Hollywood Studios all of which require a separate ticket. There is then Universal Resort Orlando which has Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure an finally Seaworld Parks and Entertainments whom operate Seaworld, Aquatica and Busch Gardens. Planning your orlando theme park tickets is important to ensuring a great vacation.

Each park requires at LEAST one complete day but priorities should be made as full days can be very tiring. All parks offer multi day tickets which offer discounts on the gate prices so ALWAYS pre-purchase before travel. Disney’s ticketing system can be rather complicated with various options so use ticket retailers to obtain the most suitable package for your group. They offer base, hopper and premium packages all with different entitlements which include only one park per day, the ability to ‘hop’ between multiple parks and then options to add on visits to Disney’s waterparks.

Universal Resort Orlando also offer base and park-to-park tickets which cover both a single park per day and hopping between both parks.

It should be noted tickets are not transferable and cannot be resold so each member of the party must have there own ticket with fingerprint scans now in operation at many parks.

When planning an itinerary, purchase tickets to match the number of days for each park and do not be tempted to over stretch the plan.

Download park apps to help with the planning. One of the very best is the Disney app which gives queue times and show schedules.



AVOID the promise of cheap or even free park tickets after sitting through timeshare or sales meetings. They are notorious for a very hard sell and are simply not worth wasting the precious time of your vacation.

Once decided on the tickets, subscribe to ticket vendors email lists to receive discounted offers. Possibly the best resource is mousesavers.com – this regularly sends exclusive discounted prices which are valid for a limited period of time.

Subscribe to Seaworld and Universal Resort Orlando newsletters as they often have promotional prices. For example, $50 single day access to Seaworld on a weekday is a great price and was made available to subscribers.

NEVER, EVER, EVER purchase cheap tickets from vendors on the street or in gas stations. They offer to purchase unused days on tickets but there is no way they can check validity so it simply should not be considered. Additionally, the parks now implement security measures through fingerprint scans therefore restricting the use. If you were to purchase a ticket and attempt to use you would get turned away and its just not worth the risk.

Remember once the daily parking rate is paid, this is valid for the entire day so you are free to go out and return later in the day. Also most parks do not impose parking charges after 7pm.

Once tickets are purchased they should be treated as cash. However, if they do go missing the parks can re-issue if you have a copy of the rear of the passes. Simply present these to the Guest Services desk and they will cancel the old tickets and re-issue.

Some of the best thrill rides are water based which soak you through. To avoid your tickets, camera and phone getting damaged simply take a plastic zip lock bag and place them in there. Zip pockets are also a great idea to securely store items when on the bigger rollercoasters.

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