Rides and Queuing

Theme park queuing

Queuing is part of theme park visits but they need not be as long as many expect. All parks and rides have peaks and troughs of traffic throughout the day and indeed year. The parks do implement means of cutting queues and to facilitate the quick entry onto the rides.

Fastpass is included on all tickets free of charge for all Disney parks. This system allows users to pre book ride times via a mobile app with additional availability allocated within the parks.

Universal Studios have the Express Pass which is chargeable at the park with prices varying. These will allow you to bypass the queues.

Those thrill seekers who want early access can do so by choosing to stay in a Disney or Universal hotel. One of the perks of staying in these hotels allow guests early access before the general admission gates open so the favoured rides can be experienced before the crowds enter. For many, this can work our cheaper than paying for the Express Pass at Universal.

Get to the park early and go anti clockwise around the park. Most people tend to go clockwise so rides and queues are generally quieter if you choose to go anti-clockwise.

Lunch times tend to quieter for the ride queues as other visitors congregate to restaurants so make the most of this time.

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