Travel with Children

Travel with Children

Florida is the worlds top destination for families so it goes without saying flights are always full of excitable little ones. Many parents quiver with dread at the thought of a long flight to see the Magic but don’t worry, you are not alone. Every child will go through a period of ‘tantrum’ on a long flight so they secret it to prepare and try not to get stressed. Don’t get overly concerned about what other passengers may think – you are on the way to Disney so this is to be expected!

It may seem obvious but do not forget a first aid kit to be packed in the hold luggage. Items such as plasters, savlon etc should be carried in hand luggage should they be required.

Travellers from the UK should also take Calpol as the local flavours are very different and are not always appreciated by kids – as well as being more expensive.

Try and tire kids out in the airport by making use of those little legs – get them walking around and then once the aircraft engines start they may drift off to sleep.

Consider taking your own child car seat and checkin at the airport. The cost locally can be $70+ per week. Airlines will safely pack these so they will arrive in one piece.

For bigger kids, consider an inflatable booster seat ( which can sit neatly within hand luggage or luggage. These incredible items will save a packet on the rental agency costs and can be used ay home.

If staying in a villa, check with the owner before travel as many have pushchairs for usw by guests. If not, take a trip to wal mart where strollers can be purchased for around $15 which is considerably cheaper than the cost of renting from the parks.

Keeping kids occupied can be challenging but there is a solution. Fill a bag full of goodies and make sure your child is aware the bag contains rewards and gifts. As the flight progresses give them the items at interrvals ensuring there is sufficient to keep them interested. Avoid buying the goodies at the airport a the prices are inflated.

Some travelers choose to not collect a car immediately upon arrival. If your party have kids, an option to save cash could be to purchase a car seat from a supermarket such as target or Wal Mart – priced at around $40 this is a considerable saving on the rental cost.

Some airlines such as Virgin Atlantic offer the opprotunity to purchase an extra seat at a discounted price to give your party more space. This is only available on selected flights generally a quieter times of the year.

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